Comic Book SyndiCon – April 2 2017

Comic Book SyndiCon 2017

A celebration of comic book culture!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Windsor, Canada - St. Clair Centre for the Arts

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St. Clair College Alumni Association

St. Clair College Alumni Association

The objectives of the Alumni Association are: -To promote and foster positive St. Clair alumni connections and fellowship within the St. Clair College community and to promote and foster positive St. Clair College alumni connections with the community at large. -To support and enhance the quality, resources, image and reputation of St. Clair College -To promote and foster support of St. Clair College through both financial and non-financial contributions. -To enrich the lives of St. Clair College alumni through opportunities for life long involvement with St. Clair College and the provision of valued services. -To advocate on behalf of St. Clair College alumni in matters relating to post-secondary education and issues involving the relationship between the alumni and St. Clair College. The Alumni Association is located at Alumni Relations & Foundation Office: Room 273B - 2nd Floor, St. Clair College South Campus Tel: 519-972-2727 ext. 4567 Toll Free: 1-866-722-4723

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Monkeys Fighting Robots

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Breaking pop culture news, podcasts, movies reviews, comic book reviews, music reviews, anime reviews, TV show analysis, video reviews!

Monkeys Fighting Robots is the brainchild of former comic book store owner and pop culture aficionado Matt Sardo, Monkeys Fighting Robots is your online source for pop culture news and opinion on film, television, comic books, music, technology and most importantly, craft beer. Sardo teamed up with the robots at Visual Realm to bring the website into fruition. Visual Realm specializes in innovative web design and development and most definitely brews better beer than Matt. Monkeys Fighting Robots is owned and operated by Popaxiom, LLC.