This is the comic con video highlighting the guests at this year’s Comic Book SyndiCon!

The TV spot for the 3rd Annual Comic Book SyndiCon is launched this week, and we’re very excited to announce and share all the great things that will be happening at this year’s event. The St. Clair College Centre For The Arts (in Windsor, Ontario) will again host the World’s Funnest Comic Con, and our new commercial highlights the comic book writers & artists appearing at this year’s Con. Mike-EL & G.I.Jolie put together some snazzy video clips and stills, and cut the whole thing to some groovy beats that might sound familiar to fans of a certain animated TV show from the 1980s.

This year’s guests include Transformers legend Bob Budiansky; Bodie Troll & Guardians of the Galaxy artist Jay Fosgitt; Take Off creator Meaghan Carter; Norah author Kasey Pierce; The War on Drugs artist Gibson Quarter; Ricky Lima & Shane Heron from the Black Hole Hunter’s Club; Jason Loo, creator of Pitiful Human-Lizard; James Anderson, artist of Ellie on Planet X; and Ben Van Dongen & Christian LaForet of Adventure Worlds Press.

Check out our comic con video and tv spot currently running on CogecoTV!

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