Cosplay contest Information for 2017

Be a part of the most colourful part of the day and show us your cosplay skills in the Comic Book SyndiCON Cosplay Contest!

There are (4) cosplay contest categories:

Novice – This category is perfect for people who are just starting out with cosplay and/or those who have never competed before. Or maybe you are a more relaxed cosplayer and would just like to showcase your hard work. If so, this is the category for you! Sign up in the Novice category, join the show, and have fun!

Artisan – An intermediate level of cosplayer will want to sign up for this category! If you have been at this for a while, or competed in competitions before, challenge yourself and compete with some of the best by signing up for the Artisan category!

Group – Are you a trio of Gotham’s most villainous ladies? Perhaps a gathering of planetary sailor scouts? Or maybe a family from a galaxy far far away? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the category for you! This category is for groups of two or more and must all be from the same universe or of the same theme.

**NOTE: Members of a “Group” may register in one additional category as an individual.

Children – Kids can show off their super stuff in this fun category just for them. Please note that all participates must be 12 years of age or younger in order to compete. All entrants must also have a parent or legal guardian sign off on their registration form.

Cosplay Contest Rules

Our number one rule for everyone will always be to have fun! Also, the following list:

  • 1. Registration begins at 11:00AM EST. All contestants must register in person at the cosplay booth by 3PM EST on April 2nd.
  • 2. All costumes and props must be in accordance with the convention’s dress code and weapons policy.
  • 3. Loose, messy, or dangerous props such as confetti or firecrackers are NOT permitted.
  • 4. metal weapons, real firearms or any props loaded with projectiles will NOT be permitted into the venue or on to the convention floor.
  • 5. In compliance with the venue dress code all costumes must cover appropriate areas of the body.

Competition Judges

  • -Jamie Lees
  • -RayGrey Cosplay
  • -Chey Gauthier
  • -Dave Kucharski

If you have any questions, please contact:

Rebecca Tremblay
Cosplay Director “ATT: Becca”