Cosplay Village is the new home of cosplay in our humble comic con. It’s about time we devoted a whole section to the hobby.

So, come to Cosplay Village and check out all the great things happening here!

*Please note that this list will probably undergo changes up til the day of the event, so please follow our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute announcements!


    • Cosplay Registration & Judging
    • St. Clair College Fashion Design Programme
    • Bex Luthor Cosplay
    • RayGrey Cosplay
    • Villa Bel Mara Photography
    • Wunderbooth
    • The Harry Potter Society
    • Fantastic Fathers Community Group

    … trying something new:

    • Gaddis Gaming – “Shattered Crown” tabletop demos
    • Detroit Tabletop Gaming League
    • Windsor Hackforge – video game demos