Brand new this year is Cosplay Village! In this area you will find resources and attractions for cosplayers and enthusiasts alike. As the craft and hobby changes so will this document.  Please visit often to make sure you don’t miss any changes!

Cosplay Policy

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Cosplay is NOT consent

The comic con has a zero tolerance policy. We strictly enforce the Cosplay IS NOT Consent rule in order to protect our patrons. If at any time you feel threatened or unsafe, please come to Cosplay Village. If you would like to report instances of harassment, please go to the cosplay registration table or find the nearest available staff member immediately. We will always help you, no matter what.

“Cosplay Potluck”

If you are a cosplayer and are looking to help the community, please consider donating to the Cosplay Potluck! This is a community run cosplay repair station located by the Cosplay Competition Registration table inside Cosplay Village.

Any items donated to the ‘buffet’ are the responsible of the donor. The Comic Book SyndiCON is not responsible for unattended goods. Sharp items such as needles and safety pins are permitted and must be stored in containers. Under no circumstances will “industrial” cutting tools (Xacto blades, box cutters, scalpels, etc.) be permitted into the venue or on the convention floor.

While the “potluck” table is not monitored so please be mindful of other users. Do not take more than you need. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Rebecca Tremblay
Cosplay Director “ATT: Becca”