The Comic Book Book SyndiCon team is really excited about our upcoming event on Sunday, February 14th, 2016. So excited that we’ve been taking our promotional game and social game on the road!

For our first trip we packed it all into Mike-el’s Alero and booted it down the good ol’ Queen’s highway to London, Ontario for Forest City Comicon!

We met a lot of great people, we handed out a billion flyers, and shopped to our hearts content, and Becca –or Bex Luthor as she’s better known in the cosplay community, did it all in costume.

Her Ms. Marvel is always a hit for every flyer we handed out to promote our show, there were about five photos of her being taken. This one is my favourite one:

Bex Luthor cosplay coordinator of the Comic Book SyndiCon


GI Jolie also took a ton of great photos, and those can be found on The Comic Book Syndicate website by following this link: This link, right here!

Our next stop, Sarnia Pop Culture Expo next year! If you’re there, stop by and say hello!