Hello everyone!

It’s me, your friendly neighbourhood convention co-ordinator and I’m here with a brief reminder to all of our Artist Alley exhibitors regarding your display:

  • There will be approximately 3ft allowance behind each Artist alley table for floor banners only.\
  • Armatures and shelves behind artist alley tables ARE NOT permitted. (These areas partially serve as walkways and cannot be blocked.)

Table top displays:

  • small banners are permitted on top of the table and must be secured. Banners may also be mounted to the front of the table. Branded table cloths that drape are also acceptable.
  • Table top displays that include shelves or display cases cannot exceed 4 feet in height and may not cap/close off the the space around your table. 

    Ask yourself: “Can I see my neighbouring artists?
    If the answer is no, it is likely that your display needs revision.

Alternatively, if you have a photo of your space set up at another convention, or at home please send it to me and I can let you know so you can be sure your table set up meets regulations. If not, then we can figure something out!

Send email to: comicbooksyndicon @ gmail [dot] com